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Panorama Painting

Panorama Painting (1)

The painting shows the moment when events turned to victory.

The Confederates and their allies have just emerged unexpectedly out of Galm Wood between Salvenach and Burg, breached the Grünhag (a ditch and palisade entrenchment hurriedly erected by the Burgundians), and entered the enemy camp. They are charging downhill and find themselves on either side of the Bois Domingue hilltop, on which Charles has erected his camp. As the vanguard leaves Charles’s camp behind, the main body passes through it, with the rearguard also advancing.

Thus the Swiss have foiled the strategy of Charles the Bold, who had prepared to meet them on open ground higher up, and had only a small section of his army in position here.
In Prehl, Burgundian arquebusiers are still fighting as a unit and the enemy artillery continues to fire salvoes at the town.
In the camps surrounding Murten the resting troops have yet to realise the scale of the events unfolding; some are hurriedly donning their armour. Those who have fully grasped the situation take flight in panic.

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