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Panorama Painting

Panorama Painting (2)

The spectator’s vantage point is situated on the western edge of the Bois Domingue hilltop. However, the artist Louis Braun added two other viewpoints, which he blended into one in the panorama, to open up the view beyond the hill, too, and show Mont Vully / Wistenlach as a backdrop against the attractive southern side of the town of Murten.

Braun has staged the mass scenes with great skill. To create the illusion of movement, he has placed groups of fighters in ellipses depicted in a tight plan view, creating something of a gyroscopic movement from the onlooker’s viewpoint, which very much brings the painting to life.

The lighting corresponds to the time of day and the season in which the battle took place. It shows the position of the sun on an early afternoon in June, viewed from the western edge of the Bois Domingue.

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