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Exhibition of the Panorama of the Battle of Murten at Expo.02

With the Swiss National Exposition in mind, the Foundation submitted to the exposition management a portfolio compiled by Volker Schaible and Heinz Schwarz for the presentation of the (restored) panorama.

The architect Jean Nouvel picked up the idea and exhibited the panorama on the upper storey of his monolith erected in Lake Murten. The Swiss Union of Trades and Crafts [Schweizerische Gewerbeverband] (SGV) supported the project at every level.

In March 2002 the panorama painting was transported to the monolith and mounted there. For reasons of time and costs, the faux terrain was dispensed with, and a screen was installed in its place. Expo.02 opened on 15 May.

The monolith, and with it the panorama of the battle, is said to have been the most visited installation at Expo.02.

The panorama has since been rolled up again and is now stored on an army compound. A solution for its permanent exhibition, which many would like to see, has yet to be found.