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The Panorama Foundation

The Foundation for the Panorama of the Battle of Murten (1476), domiciled in Murten, was established on 16 October 1996. Its aim is to:

  • publicise the value and the significance of this cultural asset of national importance;
  • conserve and restore the panorama according to binding principles;
  • find a definitive site for it so that it can be shown to the public on a permanent basis.

The Municipality of Murten has entrusted the foundation with responsibility for the panorama. The Board of Trustees is made up of representatives of the Swiss Federal Office for Culture, the Swiss Army, the Canton of Fribourg, the Town of Murten, the Civic Community of Berne, and the Fribourg Association for the Protection of Historical Monuments.

The Board of Trustees comprises the following members:

  • Christiane Feldmann (President), former Mayor of the city of Murten,
    3280 Murten
  • Christian Brechb├╝hl, Mayor of the city of Murten, 3280 Murten
  • Stanislas Rück, Head of the office for the Cultural Heritage of Freiburg, 1700 Fribourg
  • Brigadier Giuliano Crivelli, 3052 Zollikofen
  • Hermann Schöpfer, 1700 Freiburg